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01 Dec 2011 23:55

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Akiane Kramarik - Painting The Impossible

I believe this could be the face of Jesus. Her testimony is rather interesting and even compelling. I also find that the diversity at which Jesus genuinely reveals himself is truly outstanding and incomprehensible. Personally I find A LOT of poetry to this and though in a literal sense I still can't say whether this an accurate portrait or not, but here's where I find the real beauty of the poetry coming alive. Rather than thinking that Jesus' inspiration to her was to bring a portrait of himself to the world, instead I find that Jesus inspired Akiane to dig deep into her own convictions and manifest it through the one thing that she knew how to do. I feel that regardless of what Jesus really looks like, her act of trying to paint the impossible was futile that made itself quite clear near the end, but it wasn't until she finally covered the rest of the canvas that she in a sense gave her hands over to her Savior. Once she finally committed to covering it she metaphorically postured herself into type of position that says "I can't do this!" It's amazing how many ways Jesus manifests this thought into us and forces us to make a decision. When will we finally realize that God's commandments are not for us to fulfill and perfectly uphold, but rather they are there for us to look at and give submission to the One who has already conquered evil?

Ending thoughts: - Music was great - Poetry was fantastic.  - Whether or not this is an accurate literal painting of Jesus, I can't know for certain. - Whether or not this is a metaphorical painting of Jesus is an absolute resounding YES!