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In 1868, Queen Victoria made a top secret trip to Switzerland, accompanied by her "personal servant" named "John Brown." That "John Brown" was in fact a great-grandson of warming pan plot James Francis Edward Stuart....Stuart is sometimes spelled Stewart or Steward.

The "royal" club is the most exclusive in the world because membership is only by birth or marriage. Queen Victoria would never romp in the heather, or cavort in the Highlands with a lowly "commoner."

In 1714, George I became the first king of the British Hanoverian dynasty. Queen Anne had 18 children, but not one of them survived to inherit the throne!

Führer Adolf Hanover/Hitler 
Führer from 1933 to 1945.

Because of the 1688 warming pan plot, Catholics were prohibited from ruling Britannia, so the Hanover dynasty was imported from Germany in 1714.

To Americans, the best known monarch of that dynasty was good King George III.

The real name of the infamous man known to the world as Adolf Hitler is Adolf Hanover. He was a grandson of Queen Victoria, and was born in Switzerland on April 20, 1889.


The Duke of Winsor and Adolf Hanover/Hitler
in Nazi Germany, October 1937.

The present British Royal Family is called the House of Windsor. Until 1917, that dynasty was called the House of Hanover, or Saxe-Coberg Gotta. Saxe-Coberg Gotta was added when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe-Coberg Gotta in 1837.

In 1917, Winston Churchill ordered King V to change his surname from Hanover to Windsor!

By 1917, World War I was a stalemate, and Winston Churchill desperately wanted the U.S. to declare war on his cousin "Kaiser Bill." He knew that many Americans were aware of the fact that "Kaiser Bill" was a grandson of Queen Victoria. Anti-British feelings were still intense in the country after the brutal war against the Boers in South Africa.

King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Tsar Nicholas II were cousins. They were the protagonists in the worldwide conflict known as World War I.

King George V (1865 -1936). 
King from 1910 to 1936.

In August 1914, "Kaiser Bill" launched a massive invasion of France and he expected to be in Paris in 40 days.

"Lunch in Paris, dinner in St. Petersburg" the boasful Kaiser quipped!

Unexpectedly, Tsar Nicholas II mobilized his forces faster than "Dead Head" expected.

Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941).
Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941). Reigned from 1888 to 1918.

Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke was fearful of the prospect of Russian troops entering Berlin while he entered Paris. As a result, he lost his nerve, and moved as many as 275,000 soldiers back to East Prussia. Here is an account of that history-changing event from "Kaiser Bill's" cousin Winston Churchill:

And at that culminating moment the Russian pressure began to produce substantial effects. Honour must ever be done to the Tsar and Russian nation for the noble ardour and loyalty with which they hurled themselves into the war. A purely Russian treatment of their military problem would have led the Russian armies into immediate withdrawal from their frontiers until the whole of their vast mobilization was completed. Instead of this, they added to a forward mobilization an impetuous advance not only against Austria but against Germany. The flower of the Russian Army was soon to be cut down in enormous battles in East Prussia. But the results of their invasion were gathered at the decisive point. The nerve of the German Headquarters failed. On August 25 two army corps and cavalry of the German right were withdrawn from France. On August 31 Lord Kitchener was able to telegraph to Sir John French "Thirty-two trains of German troops were yesterday reported moving from the western field to meet the Russians." (Churchill, The World Crisis 1911-1918, p. 147).

That withdrawal of troops from France caused "Dead Head" to fire von Moltke a few months later. As revenge for saving Christian civilization from the Prussians, Tsar Nicholas II was titaniced just 4 years later.

By 1939, the music of Richard Wagner, and spectacular military parades, had morphed the fainthearted Prussians into SUPERMEN!

Adolf Hitler as a
Adolf Hanover/Hitler as a "courier."

The war turned into a bloody 4-year stalemate, consuming millions of soldiers on both sides.

During that conflict, the Austrian Adolf, who later became known as Adolf Hitler, fought for the Kaiser in a Bavarian regiment.

As "penance" for Gallipoli, Churchill also served for a brief time in the trenches, and "courier" Adolf would warn him when the shelling was about to begin so that he could have a "miraculous escape!"

Hitler decorated with the Iron cross.
Hanover/Hitler decorated 
with the Iron Cross.

As soon as the war became a stalemate and France could not be defeated, Winston Churchill began scheming how he could drag the U.S. into the war. J.P. Morgan in New York lent Churchill millions of dollars and he knew that he would not get his money back if Germany won.

The Lusitania was torpedoed by a British-German sub on May 7, 1915.

Winston Churchill tried to get the U.S. into the war in 1915 with the sinking of the Lusitania.

That false flag operation failed, and Churchill was desperate.

In July 1917, he was appointed minister for munitions, and in the same month the House of Hanover became the House of Windsor.


Hanover George V and Queen Mary 
became Windsors in July 1917.

That ruse did succeed because President Wolfson declared war on Germany in April 1917. While U.S. soldiers were dying in the trenches, Churchill sent a huge British army under General Allenby to the Middle East to wrest Palestine from the Terrible Turks!

The named change had no effect whatsoever on the German or Austrian branches of the Hanoverian dynasty. It was just an expedient to protect the guilty Hanovers, and get the U.S. into the war. Adolf Hanover, fighting for his cousin "Kaiser Bill," was still a scion of the House of Hanover.

In 1868, Queen Victoria gave birth to a top secret baby girl in Switzerland!

Queen Victoria, who later became known as the "Grandmother of Europe," gave birth to a top secret baby girl in Switzerland. The identity of that baby was as closely guarded as the top secret royal twins.

John Brown
"John Brown" 
accompanied his top secret
spouse to Switzerland.



After a short period of "mourning" for her beloved Albert, Queen Victoria soon found a new love.

His name was "John Brown" and he was a great-grandson of "warming pan plot" James Francis Edward Stuart!

In 1868, the "Queen's Stallion" accompanied her on a top secret trip to the British Crown Colony of Switzerland.


"A woman riding the beast" (Apoc. 17:3). Victoria with "John Brown" before their
top secret trip to Switzerland.

Switzerland has been a British Crown Colony since at least 1600. It was the ideal place for the couple to have their baby, as discretion and secrecy has always been the watchword of that colony.

The queen left Osborne House in the Isle of Wight on August 5 and crossed via yacht to Cherbourg, France. Emperor Napoleon III provided his special saloon train to take her to Paris. After a brief stopover in Paris, she arrived in Lucerne, Switzerland, on August 7.

Villa Wallis in Lucerne where the queen
Villa Wallis in Lucerne where the queen 
began her "weight reduction" program.

The queen arrived in Lucerne on August 7 and stayed at the Villa Wallis.

The disappointed Swiss were not allowed to pay homage to their sovereign, a.k.a. Countess of Kent.

After 2 weeks in Lucerne, the queen felt challenged to seek even "higher ground."

The Villa Wallis dining room at
The Villa Wallis dining room at 
the time of Victoria's visit.

On August 22, the queen left Lucerne for the much higher altitude of the Furka Pass, well above the tree line, and far higher than the queen had ever been before. Before her arrival, the Furka Inn was emptied of guests, and no Swiss were allowed to get even close to their queen.

The Furka Inn today.
The Furka Inn today.

Queen Victoria's Swiss baby was born on August 24-the anniversary of the St. Bart's Day Massacre.

The baby was born in the high altitude Furka Inn.

The baby girl was named Klara, and she was the precursor of Pamela Digby Churchill—the mother of Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton!


No photos 
exists of top secret 
baby Klara Hanover.

There is no record that the baby was taken back to Britain when the queen returned home on September 11, 1868. Benjamin Disraeli was especially close to the Rothschilds, who financed the theft of the Suez Canal from France.

Houston and Klara were the parents of baby Adolf Hanover/Hitler!

Houston Steward Chamberlain was a gung-ho British imperialists from the moment he was born. His father was a real admiral, and his mother was the daughter of a captain in the Royal Navy.

Houston Steward Chamberlain

As Houston was growing up, all the talk was about the Crimean War, and the campaign to stop Russia from liberating Tsargrad or Constantinople from the Terrible Turks.

That was why he did not peruse a naval career but joined the British Secret Service instead.

Beginning in 1879, Chamberlain was stationed in Geneva, Switzerland.


Adolf Hanover/Hitler aged 10.

In 1878, Chamberlain married a Prussian girl named Anna Horst, but little is known about that family or marriage. It was at that time that Houston moved to Geneva to study "chemistry:"

Chastened by these thoughts, and convinced that his talents lay in science rather than the fine arts, Chamberlain felt a compelling need to escape the distractions of Italy. He made a sudden decision to move to Geneva, which offered the advantages of a prestigious university as well as reasonable proximity to the Mediterranean. (Field, Evangelist of Race, p. 38).

When Chamberlain first moved to Geneva, Klara would have been only 10-years-old. During his time in Geneva, "chemistry student" Chamberlain played a major role in the transfer of the Suez Canal from France to Britain.

Klara Hanover 

Except that she was a devout Catholic, little is presently known about the life of Klara Hanover.

Her "education" was arranged by the Jesuits, and she was fluent in 3 languages: English, French, and German.

In 1889, Chamberlain arranged a marriage between Klara and a man named Alois Hitler. He became the surrogate father of baby Adolf.


Baby Adolf Hanover.Hitler 

It is obvious that the queen missed her baby terribly, but Parliament would not allow her to marry devout Catholic John Brown and still remain queen.

Queen Victoria (1819-1901). 
Misruled Britannia from 1837 to 1901. 

Queen Victoria could not rule in Hanover because that principality prohibited female sovereigns!

"As is the mother, so is the daughter" (Ezekiel 16:44), so those 2feisty females were determined to turn the clock back and undo the blessed Reformation of Saint Martin Luther!

Physically, Klara could not be a clone of her mother because her father's DNA also contributed to her genetic makeup!



Franz Winterhalter's 1845 portrait 
of Queen Victoria.

Chamberlain's point man in Vienna was a Kosher Nostra professor of botany named Julius Wiesner. Wiesner arranged for the marriage of Klara to Alois Hitler. It was a replay of the arranged marriage between Jeanne Jerome and Randolph Churchill.

Dr. Julius Weiner

Kosher Nostra Dr. Julius Weisner helped Chamberlain arrange the marriage of Klara Hanover to Alois Hitler.

By marrying "Alois the Ugly," the attractive 21-year-old adopted the name HITLER.

It is beyond belief but the name H-I-T-L-E-R contains
all but 1 letter of the name L-U-T-H-E-R!


Alois Hitler (1837-1903) 
surrogate father of Adolf.

Alois had absolutely no relationship with his adopted son Adolf. His "education" was totally in the hands of his parents Houston and Klara. Alois was eliminated from the picture entirely in 1903 when he died suddenly from a stroke!

It's time to face the music that Adolf Hanover had a British father and mother!

Even though he was thoroughly British, Chamberlain was enthralled by the music of German composer Richard Wagner. His son Adolf followed in his footsteps.

Composer Richard Wagner
Composer Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner married Cosima Liszt (daughter of Franz Liszt) in 1870.

The Wagners had 3 children: Isolde, Eva, and Siegfried.

Wagner was the 19th century's equivalent of the Beatles as his opera music was considered revolutionary.

Cosima Wagner circa 1877
Cosima Wagner

At the time of his marriage to Eva, Chamberlain was 53-years-old and Eva was 32.

Chamberlain and Eva circa 1915. Chamberlain and Eva circa 1915.

Chamberlain married Eva Wagner (1876-1942) in December 1908.

That marriage made Eva the stepmother of Adolf Hanover.

Chamberlain was also the ghostwriter for Adolf's Mein Kampf,which was named after Wagner's autobiography Mein Leben.

The racist writings of Chamberlain and the "music" of Richard Wagner laid the foundation for the Third Reich.

Chamberlain and Eva shortly before his death in 1927.
Chamberlain and Eva shortly 
before his death in 1927.

By marrying into the Wagner clan, Chamberlain was able to combine his racist writings with the neo-pagan and Norse mythology of the Wagner operas. It was a potent combination for creating the Third Reich:

Chamberlain never lived to see the Third Reich, but his name is forever associated with it. Few "precursors" acknowledged by the Nazis attained an equal status in the annals of the regime. This self-appointed prophet of Germanism became the subject of a vast array of speeches, articles, radio programs and school lessons. Many of his writings were reissued or anthologized, the dates of his birth and death were marked by solemn tributes in the party press, and a steady flow of doctoral dissertations proclaimed his significance for the creation of a new order in Germany. (Field, Evangelist of Race. The Germanic Visions of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. p. 447).

Siegfried Wagner was conducting the Berlin Philharmonic in 1914 when he first met Winifred Williams.

Winifred Williams married Siegfried Wagner in 1916

Winifred Williams was probably the youngest spy ever recruited by the British Secret Service. At age 10, she was adopted by an elderly German couple in Berlin.

Winifred Williams was born in Hastings, Sussex, in 1897. Orphaned 2 years later; she was sent to an orphanage, but a distant relative of her mother invited her to Germany for a 6 week vacation.

The vacation lasted for 8 years because the elderly couple, Karl and Henriette Klindworth, adopted her.

Karl and Heniette Klindworth
Karl and Heniette Klindworth 
with Winifred Williams.

Winifred Williams was the youngest spy ever recruited by the newly formed MI6.

In 1907,10-year-old Winifred was adopted by an elderly German couple.

In 1916, Winifred married 46-year-old Siegfried Wagner.

Winifred Wagner
Winifred Wagner 

It was a marriage of convenience only as Siegfried preferred the company of his male friends. The 46-year-old Siegfried was under pressure from his mother Eva to marry and produce heirs.

Siegfried (1869 - 1930) and Winifred were married in 1916.
Siegfried (1869
-1930) and 
Winifred were married in 1916.

As a dutiful wife, Winifred soon produced 4 children to continue the Wagner dynasty: Wolfgang, Verena, Wieland, Friedelind.

After the timely death of Siegfried in 1930, Winifred took complete control of the Bayreuth Festival.

Siegfried's children: (L- R) Wolfgang, Verena, Wieland, Friedelind. Siegfried's children: (L- R) Wolfgang, 
Verena, Wieland, Friedelind.

The real love of Winnie's life was Adolf Hanover whom she affectionately called Wolf.

Winnie and Wolf
Winifred first met her Adolf Hanover in 1919 and they immediately fell in love. They both spoke the same language . . . and they both had the same goal: destruction of the Weimar Republic.

Financing for the newborn Nazi party came from the Bank of England via Switzerland, and the Bayreuth Festival was the conduit for the funds. Here is a quote from a biography of Friedelind Wagner:

Hitler became a frequent visitor in our home, so I knew him as only a few people ever knew him, informally, without "stage make-up," as it were. My father laughed about my mother's strange messiah. He, in common with many others, felt that the new self-elected savior didn't have one chance in a million to succeed. It was this one factor that helped Hitler most in his amazing rise to power. No one of importance took him seriously. The guardians of the Versailles Treaty were as successfully lulled to sleep as were the German people. Nobody bothered to stop him because everyone thought that he would presently vanish from the scene. (Wagner, Heritage of Fire, XIII).

Hitler's only qualifications to lead Nazi Germany was the fact that he was a grandson of Queen Victoria!

Winnie and Wolf sharing
Winnie and Wolf sharing 
an intimate moment.

Femme fatale Winnie met Wolf at Bayreuth around 1919.

They became lovers immediately.

When Hitler became chancellor, he had to live in Berlin, but he visited Winnie at Bayreuth at every opportunity.

Winnie and Wolf at the
Winnie and Wolf at the opening of 
the Bayreuth Festival in 1937.

Hitler was also very, very close to the 4 Wagner children and he acted as a surrogate father after the timely demise of Siegfried. However, a marriage to Winnie was out of the question at that time.

Hitler with Wolfgang and Lieland Wagner.
Adolf Hanover with Wolfgang 
and Wieland Wagner.



Adolf Hanover Hitler was a surrogate father to the Wagner children.

In 1940, Friedelind "escaped" to the U.S. with the help of Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini.

Hitler, Verena, and Friedelind Wagner.
Adolf Hanover with Verena 
and Friedelind

When the most destructive war in the history of the world was over, Winnie was arrested and charged with being an accomplice of Hanover.

Winifred Wagner at her trial in 1947. Winifred Wagner at her de-Nazification 
trial in 1947.

Winne was given a "slap on the wrist" for her part in Hitler's rise to power.

The British Secret Service always guarantees their agents a nice retirement, so she survived until 1980.

Winifred Wagner survived
A tough old Nazi: Winifred Wagner 
survived all her other agents.

From the time he arrived in 1889, Houston Steward Chamberlain was an important figure in Vienna, where he promoted the Wagner Cult at the famed Operah House:

Over the next years he became the leading figure of the society and exercised a strong influence over its program and evolution. Hard at work by that time on two books and numerous essays publicizing Bayreuth, he was in demand as a lecturer and began to try out his ideas on a variety of audiences, journeying, for example, to Graz to address the society dominated by Friedrich von Hausegger and Friedrich Hofmann, two fanatical anti-Semites and nationalists who had completely disrupted the sedate Musikverein fur Steiermarksome years before with their political activism. Outside the Wagner clubs he lectured to German audiences at the Deutscher Jugendbund, the student fraternity Germania, and the philosophical faculty of Vienna University. Fifty years later one listener still recalled how this tall, blond man sent "a powerful wave of excitement flooding through the hall" and Chamberlain himself was surprised by his effectiveness as speaker and his ability to master his nervousness." (Field, Evangelist of Race. The Germanic Visions of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. pp. 100-111).

Not one of Hitler's biographers mention the fact that he ever met Chamberlain. When Adolf Hanover.Hitler annexed Austria in 1938, his first assignment was to destroy all the evidence that his real parents were Houston Steward Chamberlain and Klara Hanover!

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