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Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889-1962).

Marshall Stalin told the U.S. Secretary of State, James F. Byrnes, that Adolf Hitler was alive and well in Spain or Argentina:

Shortly after his arrival, on July 17, Stalin came to call on the President. We had to remember to call him Generalissimo rather than Marshal Stalin, for he had been accorded the new title in recognition of the Red Army's great successes. It was the first time the President and Stalin had met. After a very pleasant conversation, the President quite informally asked Stalin, Molotov, and Pavlov, the capable Soviet interpreter, to stay and have lunch with him. They accepted. The conversation was general in nature and cordial in spirit. The President was favorably impressed by Stalin, as I had been at Yalta. In speaking of our visit to Berlin, I asked the Generalissimo his views of how Hitler had died. To my surprise, he said he believed that Hitler was alive and that it was possible he was then either in Spain or Argentina. Some ten days later I asked him if he had changed his views and he said he had not.(Byrnes, Speaking Frankly, p. 68).

About a month before his escape to Argentina, Hitler shaved off his infamous moustache and grew a beard. Around 1909, the Austrian government was searching for an Adolf Hitler for conscription. They never found him because he assumed the identity of his dead brother Edmund (rich protector).

Adolf Hitler with his infamous moustache.
Adolf Hitler with his infamous
Charlie Chaplin moustache.

In preparation for his escape to Argentina, Hitler shaved off his infamous moustache and grew a beard.

"Escape artist" Adolf was used to disguises because he evaded conscription in Austria by assuming the name of his dead brother Edmund.

It was under the named "Edmund" Hitler that he lived in Britain for 4 years.

Hitler without his infamous moustache.
Hitler sans his infamous

Hitler committing suicide in the Führerbunker after marrying Eva Braun is sheer bunk....Some people contemplate suicide after years of marriage . . . but rarely just before the honeymoon....Because he was a grandson of Queen Victoria, Hitler was guaranteed a nice quiet retirement in Argentina.

Thanks to his "royal connection," Adolf and Eva could declare their undying love for each other as they strolled hand in hand under the bright Argentinean moon.

Hitler's original family name was Schicklgruber

The original family name of Alois Hitler, surrogate father of Adolf, was Schicklgruber. The name was changed to the "Jewish" name Hitler in 1876.

Alois Hitler (1837 - 1903).
Alois Hitler.

In 1884, Alois Hitler married Franziska Matzoberger.

The original family name of Alois was Schicklgruber, but the name was changed to the "Jewish" name Hitler in 1876.

Franziska was the second wife of Alois and they had 2 children.

No image exists of Franziska Matzelsberger.
No image exists of Franziska

2 children were born of that marriage who actually survived to adulthood. Alois Jr. moved to Dublin, Ireland, and married an Irish girl, while Angela stayed in Austria and married a man named Leo Raubal. After he died, she married a man named Martin Hammitzsch.

Alois Hitler, Jr.
Alois Hitler, Jr.

Alois Jr. was the firstborn son by Franziska.

Angela was his second child.

The present "Queen Angela" is named after her.

Unfortunately, the 2 children inherited their father's ugly looks.

Angela Hitler
Angela Hitler

The only information on Adolf's stay in Britain is found in a book entitled The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler by Bridget Dowling - the spouse of Alois Jr. Unfortunately, that book was heavily edited before publication in order to protect the guilty.

From the fall of 1908 to his reemergence in Munich in 1913, Hitler seems to have vanished from off the face of the earth. There are absolutely no pictures or records of him during that period. Furthermore, at age 20, Austrian law required him to register for conscription.

The most likely explanation is that Adolf assumed the identity of his dead brother Edmund and traveled to Britain under that name.

"Edmund" and Alois Jr. arrived in Britain in 1908

In late 1908, Adolf and Alois Jr. arrived in Britain. Adolf met the other members of his family at Buckingham Palace, while Alois Jr. moved to Dublin, Ireland.

Alois was not a "royal" so he obtained a job as a "waiter" in the Shelbourne hotel, Dublin, Ireland. It was in Dublin's fair city where the girls are so pretty that Alois met his future wife, Bridget Dowling.

The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler.
The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler

In 1909, Bridget Dowling met Alois Jr. at the Dublin Horse Show.

She was overwhelmed by the suave Austrian's charm.

On March 12, 1911, Bridget Dowling eloped to London with Alois Jr.

Bridget Dowling (1891 - 1969).
Bridget Dowling c. 1910.

Bridget was swept off her feet by the charm of the debonair Austrian:

It was at the annual Dublin Horse Show. Everyone had come to see and buy the fine Irish horses - English and Irish sportsmen, the nobility, tourists from all over the world.
I always enjoyed going anywhere with my father, and I must confess that I was not unaware of the honour of being escorted by 'the best-looking fellow in the countryside', as he was generally described. Many eyes turned towards us: the tall Irishman and the girl in a white muslin dress with flounces and a blue sash. My white hat was ornamental with ostrich plumes, and I carried a parasol. This was the year 1909.
Father was discussing the horses with Mr Tynan, a neighbour, and presently they were talking with a handsome stranger dressed in a brown suit, a homburg hat and immaculate spats. To my interested eyes he represented the height of elegance according to the vogue at the start of the century.
A white ivory walking stick with a gold handle was hooked over his arm with inimitable dash. In his tie was a pearl pin, and two rings on his left little finger, one a diamond and one a ruby, added just the right note of lavishness. Across his cream coloured waistcoat a heavy gold chain stretched from one pocket to the other and his moustache were waxed and curled up right 'á la Kaiser.' He introduced himself as Alois Hitler from Austria.
I cannot deny that this stranger with his fine foreign manners and his debonair Viennese ways made a great impression on me. His conversation was quite different from that of the commonplace, hardworking farmers and their wives which made up the society I was accustomed to. Everything he said was so new to me and interesting that even his broken English seemed charming. (Bridget Hitler, Memoirs, pp. 17-18).

On March 12, 1911, Bridget Dowling eloped to London with Alois Jr. Nine months later they had a son, but they could not agree on a name. Bridget wanted to name him Patrick but Alois wanted to name him William.

Alois Hitler, Jr.
Alois Hitler, Jr.

The unhappy couple eventually bought a restaurant in Liverpool.

This marriage was just a cover for Alois Jr. while his step-brother was training for his future role in the upcoming war against France and Russia.

Bridget Hitler (1891 - 1969).
Bridget Hitler

The unhappy couple fought over everything . . . even the name of their son. This marriage was just a cover for the 2 Hitlers while Adolf was training as a Jesuit and MI6 spy in London.

William Patrick Hitler (1911 -1987) aged 18.
William Patrick Hitler
(1911-1987) aged 18.

Bridget and Alois fought over everything . . . even the name of their son. Alois wanted to call him William but Bridget wanted to call him Patrick.

In November 1912, Adolf himself came to stay with them for 6 months.

No 102, Upper Stanhope St., Princes Rd., Liverpool, where the Hitlers lived.
No. 102, Upper Stanhope St., Princes Rd.,
Liverpool, where the Hitlers lived.

According to the Memoirs, Adolf came to visit the couple in Liverpool:

My brother-in-law Adolf remained with us from November 1912 until April 1913, and a less interesting or prepossessing house guest I cannot imagine. At first he remained in his room, sleeping or lying on the sofa he used as a bed most of the time. I had an idea that he was ill, his colour was so bad and his eyes looked so peculiar. I felt rather sorry for him in spite of what Alois had told me. When I washed his shirt-he had no luggage with him-the collar was so frayed and worn that it wasn't even worth turning. I persuaded Alois to give him a few things, and as a matter of fact he wasn't at all reluctant to do so. Indeed I think he would have been more than willing to help Adolf if the latter hadn't been so unappreciative and difficult. Adolf took everything we did for granted and I'm sure would have remained indefinitely if he had had the slightest encouragement. (Bridget Hitler, Memoirs, p. 28).

This is the only written proof extant that Adolf was in Britain but its description of the future Führer is incorrect. Adolf was always impeccably dressed and he never took drugs or used alcohol.

Adolf left Britain for Munich in May 1913, and his step-brother Alois moved to Berlin the following year . . . without Bridget or Patrick!

"Edmund" Hitler left Britain for Munich in 1913

"Edmund" arrived in Munich (the capital of Bavaria) a year ahead of the outbreak of WWI. Hitler wanted to be close to his mentor, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, who lived in Bayreuth, about 145 km from Munich.

It seems that he resorted to his original name of Adolf because the Austrian government charged him with draft evasion.

A youthful Adolf Hitler served as
a "courier" during the war.

"Edmund" Hitler left Liverpool for Munich in May of 1913. A year later he enlisted in a Bavarian regiment.

His half-brother Alois moved to Berlin a year later with Bridget and Patrick left behind in Liverpool.

Alois faked his own death in order to marry another woman.


Hitler decorated with the Iron cross.
Hitler decorated with
the Iron Cross.

The Alois Hitler marriage was just a smokescreen while "Edmund" became acquainted with the other members of his family in Britain.

In order to remarry, Alois faked his own death, but one day Bridget saw him in a theater with another woman.

Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933

Hitler's step-brother Alois had no political ambitions but remained a string puller behind the scenes. He was charged with bigamy for having 2 living wives but the charges were dropped.

Thanks to the Bank of England orchestrated Great Depression, Hitler was actually elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

MI6 brainwashed Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933.
Adolf Hitler became Chancellor
of Germany in 1933.

President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

After Hindenburg's timely death in 1934, Hitler assumed supreme power in the state.

Hitler and the previous Kaiser had something in common-they were both grandsons of Queen Victoria.


Adolf Hitler waving to an adoring crowd in Berlin .
Adolf Hitler waving to an
adoring crowd in Berlin.

The Great Depression had a lot to do with the rise of Hitler. Since President Wilson (Wolfson) established the Federal Reserve in 1913, the Bank of England had total control over the U.S. economy. From the U.S., the Depression spread to all other countries, with Germany one of the worst effected.

Hitler getting a BIG handshake from Mr. Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor.
Hitler getting a BIG handshake from Mr. Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor.

Hitler had no problem at all communicating with Mr. Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor.


Hitler and Unity MItford. .
Hitler and Unity Mitford.

As Chancellor, Hitler entertained top English aristocrats and he needed no translator. He probably met a lot of them during his 5 years stay in that country.

The number of MI6 agents in Nazi Germany were legion. Adolf was not a "lone wolf" as he shared the running of the government with many of his fellow agents.

Wilhelm Canaris (1887-1945) was the head of German Intelligence.

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris was the head of the Abwehr (military intelligence) and an MI6 agent.

Canaris worked very closely with MI6 for the planning of Operation Barbarossa.

The Serbs delayed their timetable by 6 weeks and saved the world from Nazi Germany.

Operation Barbarossa was launched on June 22, 1941.
The Serbs and Greeks delayed the invasion of
Russia by 6 weeks and saved civilization.

Churchill's backup plan in case Germany failed to conquer Russia was to drag the United States into the conflict of the side of Britain.

By December 11, 1941, Hitler knew that the invasion of Russia would fail, so that is why he declared war on the United States in order to save his skin from the wrath of Russia.

Martin Bormann (1900 -1959).
Martin Bormann

Martin Bormann was the top aide to Hitler and another MI6 agent.

Bormann was not as brainwashed as Hitler because there is no evidence that he spent time in England.

The Berghof in Bavaria was the home of Adolf and Eva Braun.

The Bavarian Berghof was the home of Adolf and his girlfriend Eva Braun.
The Bavarian Berghof was the home of
Adolf and his girlfriend Eva Braun.

By the beginning of April 1945, all the plans of Churchill and MI6 had gone awry. Instead of Hitler entering Moscow as planned, the Russians were preparing to enter Berlin.

Spies are despicable but human and they demand a good retirement program. To abandon them to the wrath of the enemy is not very good advertising for recruiting future spies.

Operation James Bond to rescue Adolf and Eva from Berlin!!

The super-secret operation to rescue Adolf, Eva, and Martin Bormann from Berlin was called Operation James Bond by secret service agent Ian Fleming. Hitler's dog Blondi also escaped to Argentina.

Even despicable spies take care of their own. Hitler and Eva Braun were rescued from Berlin by commandos led by Ian Fleming, and Hitler spend the last 17 years of his life at the Argentinean Berghof.

Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965).
Winston Churchill (1874-1965).
Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945.

Druid drunk Winston Churchill gave his approval for Operation James Bond.

His liaison with MI6 chief Sir Stewart Menzies was super-secretive Desmond Morton.

Ian Fleming was in charge of the overall operation.

Ultra-secretive Desmond Morton (1891 -1971).
Ultra-secretive Desmond Morton

The boots on the ground consisted of a team of commandos led by Ian Fleming and Christopher Creighton. Hitler and Eva were flown to Spain, and then they boarded a U-boat submarine for the trip to Argentina.

Navy Commander Ian Fleming
Royal Navy Commander Ian Fleming

Commander Ian Fleming was in charge of rescuing Hitler and Eva Braun from Berlin.

Christopher Creighton was a commando who assisted Fleming.

The rescue operation was called Operation James Bond.

John Ainsworth Davis (b.1924)
John Ainsworth Davis (b.1924)
a.k.a. Christopher Creighton.

James Bond was the author of a book about birds of the West Indies. Fleming saw the book while stationed in Bermuda with super-spy Sir William Stephenson:

Our system of using code-names from A. A. Milne had already been extended to include the principal Nazi players: Ribbentrop had become 'Small' and Hitler 'Rabbit'. Of the characters remaining unassigned, there was one who stood head and shoulders above the rest as being ideal for Bormann, and this was Piglet. Fleming, as I have said, was 'Pooh'. But for our forthcoming journey; it was decided that he should use the cover-name he himself had devised for the operation as a whole: James Bond. He had lifted it, without permission, from the real man of that name, author of a classic ornithological work; Field Guide to Birds of the West Indies, which Fleming had picked up during his first trip to the Caribbean in November 1944. After the war, when he called his fictional hero James Bond, he claimed it was the most boring and nondescript name he could think of; but early in 1945 it was merely the one at the front of his mind. (Creighton, Op.JB, p. 74).

Sir William Stephenson was the MI6 agent assigned to getting the United States involved in WWII. His offices were at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, and Bermuda:

Big as the INTREPID network in Manhattan had grown by 1941, Stephenson needed satellite bases to support his operations and, in an emergency, to which he could retreat. At least one had to be controllable from London. The choice fell upon islands scattered in the Atlantic and the Caribbean. The handiest was Bermuda. In the front line of the critical war at sea, the Bermuda Station became an extension of BSC. Flying there from New York, one sensed a promise of entry into enemy lines.
Years later, Ian Fleming wove Bermuda into the James Bond novels, where it obviously belonged. After Fleming died, a book, John Pearson's 007-James Bond: The Authorized Biography, serialized in the London Sunday Telegraph in 1974, claimed Commander Bond really did exist and was turned into fiction to deceive his enemies. (Stevenson, A Man Called Intrepid. The Life of Sir William Stephenson,
p. 171).

Hitler committing suicide in the Führerbunker with Eva Braun is sheer bunk. Both of them escaped to Argentina.

U.S. and Soviet soldiers looking at the supposed remains of Adolf and Eva.
U.S. and Soviet soldiers looking at the
supposed remains of Adolf and Eva.

Hitler and Eva Braun committing suicide in the Führerbunker is sheer BUNK.

They escaped to Argentina and Hitler died in the Argentinean Berghof in 1962.

The Berghof, Argentina.
The Berghof, Argentina.

Immediately after the escape of Hitler and Eva, MI6 propagandists ordered one of their agents, Hugh Trevor-Roper, to write a book about the last days of Hitler. Trevor-Roper was ordered to have Hitler, Eva Braun, Goebbels, his wife and 6 children all killed by cyanide in the bunker:

I treat the subject lightly simply because to a doctor it is so totally ridiculous as hardly to warrant being taken seriously. To treat such testimonies with anything else than the ridicule they deserve does not serve, and indeed has not served, historical truth. The deference previously given to palpably false testimony by the West was not matched by the Soviets, who were eventually to set some of the witnesses in their custody the task of writing out their copious accounts about Hitler - in an exercise suitably called ´Castles in the Air'.
The whole story of the alleged suicides of Hitler and Eva in the Bunker is totally farcical. The testimony of every single witness is badly tainted; not one witness is credible. There is, moreover, a far greater than normal incidence of changed testimony. This could be partially explained by several factors: the need for conformity, media pressure, or monetary gain. (Thomas, Doppelgängers, The Truth About the Bodies in the Berlin Bunker, p. 112).

Another British propaganda writer was named William L. Shirer who wrote a massive tome entitled: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Shirer conveniently omitted to mention an connection between Chamberlain and Hitler.

Of course, an escaped Hitler would not fit in very well with the soon to be created legend of the 6 million cremated Khazars.

Ian Fleming based his novels on Hitler and Eva Braun!!

Every writer bases his writings on real events. All great writers know how to mask their true meaning. Shakespeare based all of his characters on real historic people but he knew how to disguise his writings. The Bible is full of allegories or parables that only true Christians can understand.


The typical Ian Fleming spy novel has James Bond fighting SPECTRE (SMERSH) and escaping with his girlfriend while everything is blowing up behind them.

This typifies Operation James Bond, with Hitler the spy escaping with Eva Braun.

Mario Puzo used the same double meaning to great effect in his Godfather books.

Sean Connery and Ian Fleming on the set of Dr. No.
Sean Connery and Ian Fleming
on the set of Dr. No.

Millions of people have seen the James Bond movies, not realizing that they were watching Hitler and Eva Braun escaping from Berlin. Mario Puzo used the same double meaning to great effect in his Godfather books, which were really about the lives of the Borgia crime family.

Millions of people have seen the Godfather movies, not realizing that they were watching the antics of Pope Alexander VI, his son Cesare, and his daughter Lucrezia!

The MI6 six million cremated "Jews" myth!!

MI6 myth-making actually began at the beginning of the 20th century with Erskine Childers and the Le Queux "German spy" novels. Here is the definition of a Jew from Saint Pau-a Hebrew of the Hebrews:

For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. (Romans 2:28-29).

None of the people who call themselves "Jews" meet the Biblical criterion for being Jews because none of them believe in the Jewish Messiah, Joshua of Nazareth. The people who call themselves "Jews" today are Khazars and they came from the Caucasus . . . and not from Canaan.

One of the main WWI goals of MI6 was to expel the Turks from Palestine and create a homeland for the Khazars. The next step was to use their despicable spy Adolf Hitler to create the British Empire state of "Israel."

The Messiah emphatically stated that Satan does not cast out Satan or kill his own people:

And he called them unto him, and said unto them in parables, How can Satan cast out Satan? And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end. (Mark 3:23-26).

The word HOLOCAUST comes from the Latin Vulgate Version and appears 359 times. In the English Bible, the word is translated BURNT OFFERING or sacrifice by fire:

And Noah built an altar unto JEHOVAH: and taking of all cattle and fowls that were clean, offered holocausts (Lat. holocausta) upon the altar.(Genesis 8:20, Latin Vulgate Version).

Here is the famous story of JEHOVAH commanding Abraham to offer up his son Isaac (a type of Christ) as a burnt offering:

Abraham lifted up his eyes, and saw behind his back a ram, amongst the briers, sticking fast by the horns, which he took and offered for a holocaust (Lat. holocaustum) instead of his son. (Genesis 22:13, Latin Vulgate Version).

The Khazars in the Mideast are always crying about an imaginary "Holocaust." Thanks to the despicable spy Hitler, Germany is still financing that fake British Empire state of "Israel."


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