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14 Apr 2015 18:49
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Can This Be True? 2 Million Indonesian Muslims Find Jesus Per Year

This video is causing quite a stir among the Muslim population in Indonesia.
This video is causing quite a stir among the Muslim population in Indonesia. (YouTube)

Amid all the news about Islam's gains around the world, here is some startling news you've probably never heard: In Indonesia—the most populous Muslim nation—2 million Muslims are converting to Christianity per year. That's right. That's one new convert every 15 seconds. At this rate, Indonesia will be mostly Christian by 2035.

Some Muslims are so alarmed they've created a video on YouTube to alert other Muslims to this menace and are trying to raise $2 million to start a TV station aimed at Muslim youth to keep them in Islam.

Called "Save Maryam," it depicts a young teen named Maryam who represents all disillusioned Muslim youth that have responded to invitations to gospel events or someone handing them a tract that says "Jesus Loves You." Watch the 4-minute, 45-second video yourself if you don't believe me. It's from Muslims in their own words, alarmed at the rate of conversions to Christianity.

It ends by urging Muslims to stop this trend (thereby "Saving Maryam") by alerting other Muslims to the threat by forwarding the video on social media.

There also are YouTube videos debunking this, using government statistics showing growth of Christianity in Indonesia at a slower pace. Also, the videos cast aspersions on the fundraising tactics of the sponsoring organization and to their motives. However, the Islamic government has incentive to under report the size of the Christian population.

Recently, I talked to an Indonesian pastor visiting the United States that confirmed to me that the Indonesian church is growing despite persecution like churches being burned down and some Christians being killed.

"The Muslim has no answer for their life and they are very depressed because life's so difficult," he told me. "Their religion has no answer. Many of these people are so lonely that they will watch a Christian program and a Christian will follow up (with) them and bring them into the Christian community and disciple them."

In this Easter season, as we remember Christ's death on the cross and His resurrection, it's good to be reminded that the message of the gospel is real and it's changing lives—even in the most populous Muslim nation.  

So, let's get this word out. The Muslims want this to be shared to alert people that many Indonesian Muslims are becoming Christians. Share this on social media—not to lament this news, but for Christians to rejoice.

God is still on the throne and is drawing all men to Himself (see John 12:32). It's like I heard Bob Mumford say one time: "I've read the end of the book, and Jesus wins!"