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17 Apr 2010 17:50
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A recent article from Omni magazine stated that evolution was a scientific fact, but creationism was a matter of faith. This is just one of many objections evolutionists postulate against creationism. How should the Christian respond? The CRI Perspective in a moment.

When people tell you that evolution is a proven fact, they are really only appealing to microevolution. Of course there are mutations and adaptation of species, but have we any proof of macroevolution? Can one species transform into an entirely different one? The honest evolutionist must sadly reply "no." So while you might be able to breed a Chihuahua with a Great Dane and get a new species of dog, you can't breed two dogs and get a cat, a mouse, or a whale. There is simply no sufficient evidence for macroevolution.

Darwinists claim that science deals with the natural, but creationism deals with the supernatural. But not all scientific endeavors can be explained by natural laws. Belief in the big bang is just one example of this. Many evolutionists fail to make a distinction between operation science and origin science. Operations science generally refers to observational and repeatable events, while origin science deals with nonrepeatable events such as creationism and macroevolution.

Nevertheless, we can construct a scientific model for creationism by combining matter, energy, and information - such as that found in the genetic code - and produce life. This model is both observable and repeatable. Now in order to get programmed information, you need a Designer. Information does not come by random evolution, but from an intelligent Creator.

Once again, the evolutionist might claim that accepting creationism would subordinate science under religion, and cause us to revert back to the Dark Ages. After all, why search for scientific explanations when we could posit a god to fill in all the gaps? But creationism does not seek to undermine operations science, only macroevolution. Therefore, creationism is a viable alternative to Darwinism.

On answering objections to creationism, that's the CRI Perspective. I'm Hank Hanegraaff.


A good introductory discussion concerning evolutionism and creationism can be found in When Skeptics Ask (Victor Books) by Norman Geisler and Ronald Brooks (B241/$24); at the intermediate level, we recommend Darwin on Trial (IVP) by Philip Johnson (B290/$13), and Scaling the Secular City (Baker) by J.P. Moreland (B128/$15); at the advanced level, we recommend Christianity and the Nature of Science (Baker) by J.P. Moreland (SB814/$15).

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