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Cr Eternal omnipotent Creator

Ev Eternal matter

Cr Natural laws and character

of matter unchanging

Ev Matter and laws evolve

Cr Trend toward degradation

Ev Trend toward order

Cr Creation of life the only possibility

Ev Spontaneous generation probable

Cr Life unique

Ev Matter/life continuum

Cr No current creation

Ev Continual creation

Cr Life eternal

Ev Life began

Cr Basic categories of life unrelated

Ev All life related

Cr World catastrophe

Ev Uniformity

Cr Organs always complete

Ev Gradual evolution of organs

Cr Mutations harmful

Ev Mutations can improve

Cr Language, art, and civilization sudden

Ev Civilization gradual

Cr Man unique

Ev Man an animal

Cr Design manifest

Ev Naturalism

Universe began; matter degrades;

life is highly ordered

Laws constant; matter constant;

no new laws

Second law of thermodynamics

Biochemical improbabilities

Matter/life gap

First law of thermodynamics

Law of biogenesis

Law of biogenesis; reversion to type;

fossil gaps; heterogeneity; similarities

Fossils; sedimentary strata; frozen

muck; present uniformity

Organs always fully developed;

natural selection culls

Mutations are destructive; laws of

information science prevail

Archaeology and anthropology document

appearance of civilization was sudden

Man/animal similarities exist, but also

many differences—art, language, religion

Life complex and highly ordered;

natural synthesis inadequate


Adapted From:

R.L. Wysong (1976), The Creation-Evolution Controversy (East Lansing, MI: Inquiry Press), p. 422.